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diabetes managementDiagnosed with diabetes, unfortunately, is not for a week or even a month, so the person with this disorder always have to resort to control disease. Management of diabetes lies not only in the timely delivery of the analysis, but in some rules in the diet and the mode of the day. You should also control your emotional health, excessive stress can lead to loss of self-control over themselves.

control over the glucose in the blood particularly important in the initial period after diagnosis and may be necessary daily, it's also necessary in case of intensive physical exertion. At home, at work, or on trip you can easily use blood glucose meter, also with the help of test strips at home to test for the presence of sugar in the urine. Management of diabetes mellitus is convenient to hold, driving the diary, in which shall be entered the data about the sugar level, blood pressure, and in which it is convenient to keep a control over diet. Also, this diary will help your doctor make the necessary adjustments in methods for the treatment of disease.

an Important point in the management of diabetes is compliance with certain nutrition guidelines as often diabetes type 2 accompanied by overweight and even obese. It is recommended to reduce the amount of consumed calories, and limit alcohol consumption. Be wary of eating foods with a high content of carbohydrates, especially sweets and sugar, from which it is desirable to give up altogether. Also avoid eating excessively fatty foods.

In the management of diabetes and control of obesity well help physical exercise. The type and intensity of physical activity depend on age and General condition of the patient, and are selected by the doctor individually.

What to take with diabetes?

control of the sugar levels in blood is like taking drugs, or using different methods folk and Oriental medicine, as well as taking in diabetes of different tinctures, teas and even spices. Factor in the selection of the necessary preparations is the level of glycemia. High level of glycemia prescribers with more rapid glucose-lowering effect, if the amount of glucose in the blood closer to normal, then you can take drugs with a slower action and treatment with traditional medicine to maintain blood sugar levels.