Pneumonia with diabetes



pneumonia diabetes mellitusPoor control of the disease condition of diabetes mellitus predisposes the development of lung disease, even chronic painful conditions. This is due to the fact that diabetes decreases and disturbed nutrition of the cells, leading to increased excretion of water from the body with a high sugar content, which in turn develops a "degeneration" of cells and organs. The disturbance of the water balance of the body affects the deterioration of metabolism and consequently, reduced immunity.

With such "bouquet" of biological abnormalities, the body becomes more susceptible to viral and microbial stimuli, as well as evolving vascular insufficiency. In this situation first affects the alveoli of the lungs with the development in them of inflammatory processes.

inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) is one of the most common diseases associated with the General physical condition of the body and lifestyle of this man. Manifestations of pneumonia in patients with diabetes mellitus is connected with infringement:


When diabetes is sharply reduced immunity, which leads to a more prolonged course of illness and prolonged recovery. Pneumonia leads to increased blood sugar (worsening of diabetes), and it reduces the excretion of toxins from the body. It is necessary to treat simultaneously two diseases. Because of this, it is better to avoid and prevent disease, using the guidelines of the leading expert (doctor).

the Risk of pneumonia in diabetes is that temporary aggravation of the painful condition can lead to chronic deterioration degree of the disease.