Level, age norm of sugar (glucose) content in blood of healthy human

In man
In urine - glycosuria


Normal content of sugar in human bloodEveryone, even without medical training, knows that in the blood sugar is necessarily contained. That's just about normal values of sugar contained in blood are not known to everyone and that fact that in medicine it is accurately called glucose. And yet, even the doctors when they are communicating with patients to not confuse them with complicated medical terms, use more familiar phrase "level of blood sugar." Let’s determine which values it must have in case of healthy person and what numbers in the analyzes should create preconditions to start treatment or to go on a diet.

All people are unique and individual, it is not surprising that occur in the body similar processes, but they have different impact on the health of men and women, adolescents or infants. Depending on age changes in the body and health of the norm of sugar in a person's blood is considered to be normal the rate from 3.0 to 6.1 mmol/L. No one should be afraid and not worrying such a difference in the readings. Let's try to stop and give detailed knowledge to you about what these variations mean.

Increasing of level

As mentioned earlier, the level of glucose in the blood is not constant. Sometimes it may rise slightly above the allowed value, but it does not cause concern. This test result can be obtained if it is completed immediately after the meal, which had a lot of sugar or other foods with a high glycemic index. After a while, it will bring out the body through the kidneys, and if there is no disruption to other organs, soon normal glucose level in your blood will be restored.

When there are excessive levels of glucose up to 9 mmol/L, and patient noticed some changes in the body (dry mouth, poor healing of wounds, a feeling of constant year itch), he will have to see a doctor and find out causes of these symptoms.

Age norms of sugar content in the blood are not the same too. After 60 years, these values are increased, suggesting the need to control this condition with a doctor.

Lowered glucose levels

Many people are afraid of exceeding the norm. However, its decline is also very fraught for the body. First of all, it means low-quality or low-calorie diet, excessive use of medications (including insulin), high physical activity. The initial diagnosis of a person can be put even without use of glucometer. In body of these people with low content of glucose can be noticed is pallor and rapid weight loss. This condition should alert an adult or a child and become another reason for seeking of medical attention.

Ideally, any healthy person tends to the sugar content in range of 3,0-6,1 mmol/L. This means that there is not only need to follow the diet, but also the need to be tested regularly.