Lentils with diabetes

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lentils in diabetesAs during diabetes mellitus is broken metabolism, and the body is not coping with carbohydrates and glucose, diabetics attribute varied diet, depending on test results. But there are some products that can be used in all cases of the disease. Among them - the lentils.

Lentils - known since the times of ancient Slavs, although at one time had forgotten about it. But the fashion for a healthy diet revived her and returned to the kitchen. It is like an orange and dark green color, and its shape is slightly flattened round. Tastes like normal beans, but it has its own "pearl", which distinguishes this type of bean among other brothers.

Useful whether lentils in diabetes?

Since the patient's body needs the right proteins with which it is easy to handle, lentils in diabetes- it is a product that should be included in the diet program. In lentil beans have many beneficial for diabetics light carbohydrates. They are easily digested, provide the necessary energy and do not raise blood sugar. Also, it contains phosphorus, vitamins and fiber, which helps the digestive system to work correctly. It perfectly replaces bread products, some types of cereals, and vegetarian - meat. And she will not hurt a healthy person, because during the growth does not take from the land and environment pollutants and toxins. Eat it should be at least twice a week (and not only for diabetics).

It is also known that in the case of diabetes, blood sugar levels can rise due to nervous experiences, stress and depression. And then come to the aid of "magic" lentils. It calms the nerves, and you is not so easy it will be to unsettle. Also in its power to deal with diseases of the urinary system, circulatory system and heart. And, of course, it lowers blood sugar.

Dishes of lentils in diabetes

This type of beans can be cooked porridge, cook soups and even mashed potatoes (the latter form of this dish is useful for those who have problems with the digestive system). Even cooked grains lentils can be added to salads. Depending on the color of the grain during its preparation misc. Grade green after cooking crush, but cook it should be longer than other varieties. During cooking, brown lentils is better not to stray too far from the plate, otherwise it may be too seethe and smooth. Orange (or else it is called - red lentils) will not go for the soup, but behaves well for mashing. Each type of lentil little peculiar taste, and is useful in diabetes.