Lemon diabetes, treatment with lemon



lemon diabetesIf the doctor has diagnosis of diabetes, the patient should be almost to opt out of certain fruits. Fortunately, the lemon in this list misses. There is not much natural sugar (3.5%), therefore its level in the blood to rise will not. In addition, people because of the special characteristic of taste don't eat lemons in the same amount as apples or oranges for example. Moreover, the digestive system will not benefit from a large dose of acid, otherwise may cause heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms. With moderate use of this citrus, as well as in combination with other components, can even fight with the disease.

How to treat diabetes lemons?

let's Start with the fact that the high content of vitamins (especially C) contributes to the overall strengthening of immunity. This is very important in diabetes. Besides such well-known properties of the fruit, as the normalization pressure, cholesterol, excretion of harmful substances. Only once again: no need to get carried away eating lemons. And again, the ingestion of acidic fruit on an empty stomach, destructive to the stomach. Guided by these rules, use the following recipes of traditional medicine that is time-tested.

to lower blood sugar diabetic, boil for 5-7 minutes on a slow fire with finely chopped one lemon along with the zest. Enough cups of water. Decoction drink during the day about an hour after eating. By the way, this recipe will suit those people who want to avoid dangerous diseases, especially in the cold season.

We need a lemon medium size head of garlic and 3 tsp. of honey. Need a garlic peel and grind together with citrus. Then add the mixture of honey and eat 1 teaspoon with each meal. You can stock up on this drug and for the future. It will be stored for a very long time in the fridge in a clean jar. Again this is a universal recipe for improving the condition of the body in diabetes mellitus.

Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and pour over them a mixture of 300 g of raisins, 300 grams of walnuts and one Cup of liquid honey. Eat as medication from the previous prescription. You can also grind all the components at will using a meat grinder or food processor.

In the end, it should be said that lemon is a storehouse of useful properties, protecting against all kinds of diseases, including diabetes. Just remember to heed the advice of a physician.