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Leg cramps in diabetesDiabetes is a serious disease that causes irregularities in the various organs. In diabetes the peripheral nerves are affected. These lesions lead to painful sensations in the legs, calves and feet. Such pain continues long enough and it usually occurs at night. Also for diabetes characteristic tingling in the legs and crawling. After a long walk calf muscles cramp, it usually happens at night. In case of further development of the disease other symptoms may occur that are more severe and dangerous.

Leg cramps are sharp, involuntary muscle contractions, causing severe pain. The duration of seizures varies and ranges from a few seconds to 10 minutes. The pain can be quite severe, after which the muscles for a long time remain sensitive.

Certainly, in the case of frequent seizures due to diabetes in the first of all it is necessary to treat the disease itself. But some easy and simple rules will help you to cope with night muscle cramps.

If you feel cramps, you need to sit down on the bed, swung your feet out of bed, and then carefully get on the cool floor. Position of the body should be straight, feet should be kept together. Also helps with cramps the following procedure: you have to take a deep breath, take in hand toes and pull them toward you. After eliminating the spasms will be useful slight massage of calf muscle.

Mainstay in treatment of this diseases in diabetes are therapeutic physical exercises. But before performing different exercises, it is necessary to consult a doctor and find out possible contraindications for you (these contradiction can be individual, not only general).

Model List of exercises against leg cramps in diabetes:

After exercise walk around the room barefoot, flexing your fingers.

Necessary physical exercises stimulate the blood circulation in the legs, fueling muscles with energy and help against muscle cramps diabetes. Also to improve the blood circulation in the legs you can use special compression stockings. Shoes for diabetes should be convenient and comfortable and not to squeeze the foot and not to lead to corns.