Latent diabetes mellitus, LADA, manifestation

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Latent diabetes mellitusThe main feature of latent diabetes (LADA) is the total absence of any clinical signs of presence of this disease. All the basic tests and analyses that can detect the presence of disease don’t give any results. For example, if you pass analyze to detect level of sugar contained in blood in fasting state; the results will be within the normal range. Test of glucose susceptibility also will not show anything. Medical tests can show a picture of the disease only in a certain state of the body and of patient’s immune system. Diabetic symptoms occur during pregnancy, in case of presence of any infection, with the rapid recruitment of fat mass, and in case of presence and development of other stress factors in patient’s organism.

Diabetes mellitus LADA usually starts its manifestations at the age of 25 years. Clinical signs of latent diabetes mellitus are more similar symptoms of diabetes mellitus of second (2nd) type, but in this case there is no apparent obesity. At the initial stage of the disease quite satisfactory control over the process of metabolism is possible. These positive results can be achieved by regular diet and intake of drugs that lower level of blood sugar. The need for insulin doses may occur in a period of 6 months to 10 years. Also, markers of presence of diabetes mellitus of first (1st) type can indicate on presence of diabetes mellitus LADA in certain patient.

In adults initial period of manifestation of latent diabetes mellitus is ill-defined features, and more often characterized as diabetes mellitus of 2nd type. Because of the slower process of destruction of the beta cells in adults symptoms of presence of this disease have blurred character, there are no signs of polydipsia, sudden weight loss, polyuria and no ketoacidosis.

Identification of LADA diabetes can occur under certain conditions of nutrition. This method is called prednisone-glucose load. Three days before the test you should take food that contains 250-300 grams of carbs, but it should correspond to normal content of fat and protein too.

Essence of prednisone-glucose test is that in 2 hours before the glucose load prednisolone or prednisone in the amount of 12.5 mg is introduced into the body. Glycaemia that is made on and empty stomach helps to determine the level of functioning of beta cells. If the result is greater than 5.2 mmol / l, and after 2-hour blood glucose is bigger than 7-mmol / L, these figures indicate presence of latent diabetes mellitus.

Staub-Traugott test also helps to determine the presence of LADA diabetes mellitus. This test is a blood test that prior to glycaemia; in this case patient should take 50 grams of glucose, and an hour later still the same amount. The people who don’t suffer from latent diabetes blood glucose jump will occur only after the first dose, while the second glucose almost will not have a bright expression in the blood. If there were two obvious jumps of glycaemia, then this is a clear evidence of presence of latent diabetes mellitus and of poor functioning of beta cells.