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Modern blood glucose meters today are so surpassed himself that it is enough to show them test strip or finger, and they will show the level of sugar in the blood. For example, Russian Laser Doc Plus. This controller is designed to monitor your health. Of course it doesn't exclude the blood analysis. Tests in accordance with the physician must pass regularly. The principle of operation of Laser Doc Plus safe and very easy. If you put a blood sample on the test strip, the result is almost accurate due to the redox reaction. It produces electricity, equal to the calibration plazmaclient. This indicator reads the device.


the advantages of laser blood glucose meters

Laser Plus laser Doc blood glucose meterSuch a device is sterile and safe for introduction into the body of infections, with almost retraumatized. Micro channel, and the vaporization of tissue forms in seconds. You can adjust the depth of penetration of the capabilities of the device. Be that as it may, the regenerated tissue laser. The result is available in less than five seconds. There are affordable and foreign drugs such. Say, Korean Laser Doctor. He thanks otkalibrovani immediately the laser burns a small hole in the skin on the tip of your finger. Virtually no pain can be obtained with high sterility droplet of blood needed for analysis.



it is Important that the power of the device depending on the thickness varies. The result can be expected immediately. Although after each use, the instrument needs to be recharged. Time, it is quite small. In just ten seconds. The index measure does not differ from the rate in the conventional meter. Port for measurement, which is located on top of the unit, you should bring the test. Five seconds with 0.5 milliliters of blood - and the result is guaranteed.

the Use of laser glucometer Laser-Doctor

Method of use

Laser safety equipment has two mechanical locking. In order to make them work, you have to push the cover, and after that implement plastic cap. The touch of your finger on it you activate the laser. Then click on "descending". Such a cap can be used once.



Laser Doctor works on the battery, which is charged from the mains. Charge taking up to 100 tests. One of the downsides is the size and weight. Laser Doctor more and heavier normal blood glucose. Weighs more than two hundred grams. The size of the width is almost twice the average mobile phone. The length is 12.4 cm. Although manufacturers plan to reduce it in the near future.