Lancets for glucometers (devices for skin piercing and blood sampling) - user reviews, prices, where to buy, how often to change

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Lancet is a device in a plastic case, which a thin needle is inserted. It is used for collection of blood from the finger, earlobe or from the heel of the infant. In the application of the lancet pain sensations are minimized, as well as tissue damage. Also the psychological factor is important, because many people cannot tolerate the look of Needles . Usually lancets are attached to the blood glucose meters - a device for measuring the level of glucose in the blood.

Features of lancets for different glucose meters

Features of lancetsGlucometers in present time can surprise with their variety. The simplest ones may be even without the buttons, but often, due to its simplicity and affordability in price, these devices are popular with the elderly. "Smart" glucometers are not only capable for standard range of functionality for that type of medical devices, but also can remind the owner of the need to make measurements after the meal. Such glucometers have an alarm clock and backlight illumination of display; they are lighter and more compact, and thus are more expensive too. They can be sold alone or with all necessary supplies for further work, including lancets, which are divided into two categories: universal and automatic.

Universal lancets are suitable for all handles, which can be sold in a set with glucometer or separately. All lancets are sterilized, they have quite thin needle, which allows to its user safely collect blood. Also on top of that, each lancet has a protective cap, which makes it even more securely. They are sold in special packs that contain several dozen of pieces. However, not all glucometers can support all range of lancets and only some kinds of lancets may be suitable, but as a rule, in the product description of a glucometer it is indicated list of lancets of which vendor do they fit.

Automatic lancets

lancets for blood glucose meterAutomatic lancets is represented by ultra-thin needle, which is built into the plastic box. It is used to draw blood from the finger for completing the test. These lancets are very easy to use; they should not be inserted into the handle (pen applicator), just one action is needed - simply click on it. Unlike universal lancets, automatic lancets don’t injure the skin, and the piercing is fairly painless. These lancets are ideal for diabetics, because they have to take blood several times a day. Producers took care of the reliability and sterility of lancets, so they equipped them with a mechanism that does not allow the re-use device. Besides, anyone can pick up the right kind of lancet according to the thickness of skin. They are created as for individual use and for laboratory researches too.

These lancets are often used for children because they are very convenient to use when you need to take blood from the child. Such devices can draw blood quickly, without causing pain baby. To do this, very thin and sharpened on all sides needles are used, so in fact wounds are healing is faster.

Prices of lancets

Lantsety for glucometers tsenyPrice for lancets usually depends from many factors. More properties it has, so consequently will be the price higher. Quantity in package also affects the price; they can be 200 pieces, and can be only 25 pieces per pack. Direct effect on the price causes the name of the manufacturer and its reputation, which of course is responsible for the quality of its product. Price of the universal lancet (pack of 200 pieces) of Polish manufacturer is near 12$ per pack, and the price of a pack of German manufacturer varies from 15$ to 20$. To automatic lancets price will naturally be higher, as a rule, pack of 200 pieces of Polish or German manufacturer may cost about 50$. Packaging can contain bigger quantity of lancets, and these fact proportional increases in price.

Where to buy?

Today buying of lancets for blood glucose meters is not a problem. They are sold in pharmacies and also you can find it in the internet shops that can give to buyer a bigger choice and many useful features to, as price comparison, choosing of manufacturer and even see reviews of different kinds of the lancets.

When people choose lancets for blood glucose meters, most people look at the manufacturer, features and price. Not only of Swiss, American and German production lancets a popular, which corresponds to the high price of excellent quality, but cheaper one lancets of Polish production are popular too.