Kvass in diabetes mellitus

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Kvass in diabetes mellitusIt's no secret that the kvass is the old drink, and it is able not only to quench thirst effect, but it also has many other useful properties. Its therapeutic qualities are recognized by official medicine. It is proved that in the cooking process of this drink it produces organic acids that easily break down carbohydrates, minerals and enzymes. All these components have beneficial effect on the pancreas that takes a part in process of digestion. Especially useful kvass enzymes are for people with diabetes mellitus.

In case of presence of diabetes mellitus it is scientifically proven medical properties of yeast belonging to the kvass. Vitamins, proteins and amino acids that are contained in yeast are easily absorbed by the body than proteins of animal origin. Often, people suffering from diabetes, ask: "Can I eat brew, because it contains sugar, which is strictly forbidden in this disease". You should remember that the use of sugar in diabetes is prohibited even in small doses. Therefore, in process of preparation of drink you should replace sugar with honey, which contains large amounts of fructose and minerals

Therapeutic effect of kvass

If you are a diabetic, you can drink the kvass not only as a tonic, but also as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. There's a great recipe for blueberry-beet kvass, regular drinking of which helps to lower blood sugar level and bring it to normal values, that is up to 5.5 Mmol/L. To prepare this drink you’ll need three tablespoons of grated fresh beets and blueberries, which should be placed in a three-liter jar, add a teaspoon of honey, juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of home sour cream. Pour the cooled boiled water in an amount of 2 liters into a jar. Let the drink sit and consume it in dose of half of a cup before meals. Kvass is ready in an hour, and this dose will be enough for a week of daily consumption. Therefore, the finished product should be stored in the refrigerator.

Kvass in the diet of diabetics

Its classic recipe is composed of water, grain, yeast and sugar. Despite the fact that the sugar in the recipe provided, cold soups should not be excluded from the diet of diabetics that include kvass in their composition. To prepare the hash or beetroot soups you can use classic "Peterovski" kvass which is prepared with addition of honey instead of sugar. It should be noticed that honey is not contraindicated in the diet of diabetic patients but it should be consumed only in small doses.

Just hot summer day diabetics can consume kvass "Boyarsky" but in process of preparation patients with diabetes mellitus should use honey or special honey replacements, for example medicinal fructose that can be purchased in pharmacy.