Kiwi in diabetes



kiwi in diabetes In diabetes, this fruit is preferable many other fruits since it regulates the sugar level in blood, and generally improves the blood and cleans it. Because in fruits high in fiber and low in sugar, and its enzymes are largely help our bodies to burn fat, you should eat kiwi diabetics with excessive body weight, to lose weight.

A useful composition

Its fruits are rich in elements such as enzymes, tannins, carbohydrates and mineral salts, in addition, and low calorie them - up to 40 calories.

The juice prepared from kiwi, all minerals and vitamins contained in a more active and concentrated state and getting into our bodies, they immediately begin their work on its restoration.

In this fruit a lot of B vitamins, folic acid, in particular, which is so important for pregnant women with diabetes. Also, there are vitamin C, PP, E, A and beta-carotene. The content of ascorbic acid in it is so high that a person just enough to eat a single fruit to obtain an amount of vitamin in the RDA. Incidentally, the same vaunted lemon vitamin C is much less than in kiwi.

That is why kiwi is recommended not only in diabetes, but also the tendency to infectious diseases, as well as with weakened immunity.

It is very diverse and rich in mineral composition of the fruit: of macronutrients it most contain potassium - it really is a real godsend for those who suffer from heart attacks. Also there is a lot of iodine, cobalt, molybdenum, boron, fluorine, aluminum, manganese, copper, zinc and iron. Incidentally, the calcium that enters into our body from the eaten kiwi, well maintained in our bones.

What else you need to eat it?

In addition to the fact that this fruit is useful in diabetes, he also has a positive effect on large vessels and helps the heart and improves circulation.

The minerals contained in its pigment and stimulates protein synthesis and stimulate brain activity and tissue displays the body of cholesterol, which is particularly important for patients with diabetes, and normalizes the process of digestion.

So if you have overeaten at a banquet or a party, do not rush to take enzymes and eat kiwi fruit or drink juice made from it - in the end there will be no heartburn or regurgitation, and heaviness in the stomach immediately disappear.