Kissel in diabetes mellitus

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Kissel in diabetes mellitusMany people like to treat themselves by kissel. But is it possible to use this dessert in diabetes mellitus? The answer is “yes” if it is prepared right!

To not bring harm to the body, content of carbohydrates in composition of kissel should be minimized. So to sweeten the drink you should use fruit sugar that is recommended for patients by doctors and nutritionists or by sorbitol or by any other sugar substitutes that person constantly uses for tea or coffee.

Starch, which is usually used to make jellies, is better to be replaced by flour of oat, which is not harmful for diabetics, but helps to improve digestion. Cooking recipe itself is almost the same as in case of preparing of kissel in ordinary way.

Of course, patients with diabetes can prepare kissel from a variety of fruits and vegetables, avoiding except raisins, which contain quite a lot of sugar. But you can make this drink in a more healthy way, if you will include in the composition those ingredients that will help lower level of blood sugar. These are Jerusalem artichokes, ginger, carrots and blueberries.

First of all you should make a decoction of main selected component, adding the right amount of sweetener. Sometimes you can use small amount of honey as a replacement for sugar and any other sweeteners.

However, it is better to add to the finished product because at high temperature (above 45 degrees) it loses its beneficial properties.

Then you should strain the decoction and bring it back to a boil and try to extract liquid by thin stream from this boiling substance which presents oat flour diluted with cold water. We should not forget that the pudding should always stir thoroughly to avoid formation of lumps.

By the way, in folk medicine oatmeal pudding is famous as a remedy that is used for treatment of diabetes mellitus. But it is a means of preparing a little differently than described above. For this recipe, milled in a coffee grinder oats should be to pour in three-liter jar. Then in a jar you should pour boiled water of slightly hot temperature. Then a piece of rye bread is put into it and jar is put in a warm place with closed lid. After two days, the mixture is filtered through a colander covered with gauze. Thick is washed and stir with a wooden spoon.

All the collected water is pour into the jar and put on the day, then you should carefully pour off settle water, and sediment is collected and put in the refrigerator. As result this complex can be used to prepare medical kissels for diabetics, using this substance instead of the usual starch.

Also you just can buy in pharmacies ready dry powder called "Kissel of artichoke", "oatmeal", "carrot pudding" or "Kissel of ginger." A method for preparing of these desserts is listed on the packaging. These drinks are extremely beneficial to the entire human body, they help to reduce fatigue, raise immunity, restore intestinal micro flora and do not harm to patients with diabetes mellitus.