Ketoacidosis in diabetes mellitus

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ketoacidosis and diabetes mellitus Ketoacidosis is the metabolism disorder due to the insulin deficiency in patient’s organism.

Ketoacidosis appears in many cases of unrecognized diabetes, but it may get developed in case of diabetes mellitus of first (1st) type when the disease is already under patient’s and doctor’s control.

Causes of ketoacidosis appearance may be the disorders of diet or insulin therapy as well as acute infection, trauma any kind of surgery. The skin pyogenic diseases like, for example, furuncles and panaritium may provoke the appearance of acetone in organism of patient with diabetes mellitus.

What is the mechanics of ketoacidosis? Patients with diabetes mellitus of 1st type usually have lack of insulin in their organism so their body suffers from cell hunger - glucose cannot reach them and give them energy. Energetic hunger is treated like a deficiency of sugar and in this case patient’s organism starts destroying its own proteins in order to cover the lack of cell fuel - sugar.

Proteins coming with food cannot be absorbed by the organism due to lack or absence of insulin. Because of the same reason, sugar that was created from the muscular proteins cannot reach cells. But organism still requires needed quantity of energy. Where does the organism take it? For that it destroys the fats and it does it so fast that the products of their metabolism cannot be used for energy supply of the organism, that is how the ketone bodies appear, among which there is acetone.

We know about this chemical as a common solvent. It is possible to imagine what harm this smelling strong chemical brings to organism, if it is used to clean stains and for varnish dissolving! The patient's organism suffering from diabetes mellitus cannot help itself by reacting to this chemical aggression, therefore cerebrum willing to survive starts using ketone bodies as the source of energy. But it does not lead to the positive results and the process goes on. In case if no counter-measures are undertaken, the lethal outcome is possible. That is why the diabetic and his or her relatives should know the symptoms of ketoacidosis to react on this disease and prevent its development or consequences.

It is necessary to visit a doctor in case you have:

- strong thirst, you drink more than usual and go to the lavatory very often;

- apathy and drowse, all day long there is a wish to have a nap;

- no appetite, nausea, vomit;

- acetone ordour smelling like rotten apples;

- heavy head, headache;

- stomach ache looking like appendicitis attack.

In case of appearance of such symptoms, it is necessary to call for a doctor because situation may lead to appearance of ketoacidosis coma.