Jujube in diabetes



jujube in diabetesDiabetes - this is a very complex disease. The most important thing with him after taking drugs - is the observance of certain diet. The patient needs to know the glycemic index of many products, in order to keep blood sugar levels are normal. It is known that fruits are useful for diabetes, but some of them contribute to the sugar, and it is much more reduced.

South jujube plant is known for its positive effects on the human body, as well as its wide application in various serious diseases. Due to its nutritional value, it can replace the food that disease diabetes can not eat. After all, the energy value of 100g fruit ranges from 60 to 100 calories, so it is very useful exhausted disease patients.

The fruits of this tree unique help restore metabolic reduced toxicity when used diabetes drugs, and thus have a restorative effect. Not surprisingly, because the mineral composition of this fruit is striking in its capacious structure. This phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, and cobalt, especially in large quantities iodo.

It is known that due to the content keomertillina contained in fruits jujube, can not only raise the sugar, and contribute to the regulation of its level in the blood. The experiments of scientists who carried out with two groups of diabetic patients have shown good results. In the same group, where for a week patients received daily one glass of fresh fruit jujube, by the end of week receiving blood sugar is fully normalized.

The same chemical element - keomertillin - is contained in the fruit blueberries. His deservedly called "vegetable insulin." Now you can estimate the usefulness of jujube fruit for diabetics. And this information will help you diversify your menu, which is very important for such people. Indeed, because of their illness, they are very limited in the selection and preparation of their menu.

The fruits of jujube is better to use fresh, as dried fruit or processed carbohydrate ratio increases. This adversely affects the blood sugar level of the sick person, as it depends on the content of carbohydrates in fruits. Jujube tree is quite common in the south, and for the middle band and northern regions it can be grown on a windowsill and enjoy its beneficial properties for people suffering from diabetes.