Joints in diabetes mellitus and their treatment



pain in the joints in diabetes mellitusAccording to numerous, diseases of the joints suffer the most of all the people living on the planet. Diseases such a movement is complicated. This is because the lubricant becomes smaller and the main cartilage eventually wears out, so your bones do not glide properly and RUB against each other. This situation causes pain, stiffness, inflammation and many other symptoms.

due to disturbances in the body metabolism, in patients with decreased level of protein base in the bones. So, in other words, of which leaches calcium. In the future, bones to become fragile and very brittle.

Also noticed joint damage in diabetes mellitus. Totally disrupts their structure and function.

more Often affects the joints in the legs. The reasons that lead to this condition are affecting different nerve endings in the limbs and patency of the vessels. They usually manifest themselves by pains in the joints, a burning sensation, tingling and even anemia. A person has lost the ability to feel a part of feet the ambient temperature. Including the sharp decrease in the sensitivity or the complete lack thereof. This, in turn, gives the patient with diabetes mellitus to notice the injury and it can penetrate the infection. Thus the defeat of the vessels and arteries in the future leads to disruption of blood supply to the legs, and increase this state pretty high level of cholesterol in the blood, increased human pressure or Smoking.

joints in diabetes mellitusfor minor issues the treatment of joints, any person will help self-massage and the observance of certain rules. Periodic maintenance of the required level of sugar in the blood is an essential part for people who have diabetes. Margins considered to be 10 mmol/l during the whole day and not just in the morning of day. This procedure is one of the most important, because without normal rate of sugar, the treatment of joint damage in diabetes mellitus will not be as effective and, accordingly, will not bring the expected results.

to prevent more serious complications, always observe the basic rules for the care of legs and feet. It can also be different exercises, massage or massage therapy. When performing such procedures only 10 minutes a day many people say that significantly reduced joint pain in patients with diabetes mellitus and restored the old sensitivity.