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jam diabetesOn today's worldwide, there are about 150 million patients diabetes, and only 8 million of them live in Russia. And, apparently, this figure in 15 years will double.

generally, diabetes affects people in clear violation of the metabolism, which in turn requires compliance with proper diet. Because healthy diets in some cases allows to minimize the medication.

In the first place the patient with diabetes mellitus should limit the use of products belonging to the group of digestible carbohydrates is fruit preserves, candies, jams, pastries, honey, sweet fruits and berries. However in severe form of the disease experts still recommend to completely eliminate these foods from the diet of the patient, whereas in mild or moderate disease, a small amount of sweets and sugar completely valid.

But in spite of this lately on the Internet quite often and I started Dating articles completely refute such a strict ban on sweets. I believe that recommendations of this kind give those who don't understand actually, what is diabetes. What also suggest some of the factors confirming that the consumption of starchy and sugary foods is not only harmful, but dangerous for diabetics.

Contrary to diagnosis, many diabetics do not want to indulge in your favorite treats, convincing myself that one spoon of honey or jam wouldn't hurt. But such pleasure sweets are more likely to lead to diabetic complications and deterioration of health.

the concept of "slowly absorbed" and "fast-digesting" carbohydrates, talks about acting in blood "fast" carbohydrates in the form of glucose which glucose-lowering drugs are not able to fight. Because the body with so rapid supply of glucose does not have time to utilize it, resulting in a spike in blood sugar, the formation of acetone and diabetic complications. While the rate of absorption "slowly absorbed" carbs allows the body to dispose of glucose, preventing a sharp rise in blood sugar.

To the "fast-digesting" carbohydrates include jams, honey, sugar, soft drinks and sugary drinks. And by "slowly absorbed" - bread, cereals, fructose, animal and vegetable fats. So we conclude that jam and the diabetes things malosovmestimye.