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itchy feet diabetesItching is very common among men, patients diabetes. Most itchy whole body, but sometimes the disease affects only a certain area - for example, feet. Foot itch is one of the most frustrating, since they often distract a person from performing any important things and makes you feel embarrassed in public places. What to do when diabetes itchy feet?

There are quite a number of traditional and non-traditional ways relieve itching, and below we will talk about them in detail. Generally, for the prevention of itching is periodic cleaning of the blood. If you do it regularly, the itching will disturb very rare, if not entirely left alone. If my legs are unbearably itchy, and you need to take immediate action, you can apply a mixture of water, diphenhydramine and soda. In a glass of warm water you need to add a teaspoon of baking soda, stir, and then dissolving two tablets of diphenhydramine. The resulting mixture can soothe the skin or body at least for a few hours.

a Similar effect can be achieved by using fresh juices Apple, cucumbers or potato. Bedtime beneficial and relaxing effect will have a starch and nettle baths. They can be done in different ways, the Internet presents many different methods and instructions.

Another unconventional, but judging by the reviews, effective method, if the itchy body diabetes, is the adoption in the morning on an empty stomach a tablespoon of sunflower oil. To enhance the effect of this procedure can be repeated and in the evening 3-4 hours after the last meal.

Also has a calming effect so-called "Averin tea", a drink consisting of black currant leaves and grass and three-coloured violet. Brewed "Averin tea" in the ratio of 2:1:1.

the Above methods for diabetes are suitable, unfortunately, only for relieving symptoms, the actual causes of itching feet and body they will not eliminate. In parallel with treatment must be addressed and prevention of the disease. Some experts suggest that you change your diet and try often to eat the cranberries, celery, gooseberry, chokeberry, and sorrel, season should have as many of any berries, they all have a beneficial impact on the composition of the blood and immune system.

diabetes mellitus is a severe disease, but never give up and lose hope for the best. Be healthy!