Insulin in diabetes mellitus of second (2nd) type, treatment

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insulin in diabetes mellitusNo one, even the most developed countries do not have an effective way ot method of treatment of diabetes mellitus. Therefore the only, unique and main principle of treatment of this disease was and remains injection of insulin by patient (in case of presence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus of 1st type). Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by cells of pancreatic gland and transferred to blood in the course of digestion.

Its main tasks are::

Correctly calculated dose of this medication as well as its use when in need, including the appropriate diet and full self-control are requirements to be met by the diabetics so in this case these patients will be able to live like other people do.

Dose of insulin is individual for every diabetic, its volume and injection pattern are defined by a doctor.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus of two types by using insulin

Insulin treatment of diabetes mellitus of 1st typeIn case of presence of diabetes of first type, the necessity to inject insulin is vital for the rest of patient's life because it is the only possible way of treatment.

In case of the diabetes of second type, insulin injections may be prescribed by a doctor as the only possible measure to decrease the sugar or in combination with a set of pills. In this case the hormone is used for both constant and temporary treatment. Diabetes of this type, unlike in case with diabetes mellitus of 1st type, they do not use frequent injections of insulin as it is enough one, or maximum two injections per day.

Insulin treatment of diabetes mellitus of second type

If the insulin treatment is prescribed to a patient that suffers from diabetes mellitus of 1st type, it must be a least-evil solution and no other options are working, this means that the lethal outcome is possible.

Insulin prescription for the diabetes of this type may happen when: