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insulin dependent diabetesdiabetes insulin dependent is the second type of this disease. It occurs not as clear as in the first type, implicit symptoms, therefore, treatment is 90% missing. This, in turn, leads to disastrous consequences. In non-insulin-dependent diabetes body reacts to glucose is slowed down and the lack of treatment leads to rapid progression of the disease. Diabetes is in third place in the list of diseases leading to death; therefore, treatment should be present in every patient without fail. Obesity is typical for this type of the disease, it causes immunity to the insulin. Sugar increases due to the fact that glucose cannot get into cells because of the lack of receptors.


non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

In non-insulin-dependent diabetes glucose accumulates in the blood, the pressure rises, the body begins to derive it through the kidneys, reducing, at the same time, the content of electrolytes. This causes dry mouth, arrhythmia, muscle twitching. Develops nephropathy, retinopathy, macroangiopathy. Symptoms are blurred vision, weight loss, weakness and sweating. Urination becomes frequent, this is especially noticeable during the night period. The patient constantly feels tired. Conventional ways at home this type of disease to identify and control will not work - glucometers and test strips in this case, useless.


non-Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus - symptoms

medical institutions In patients with suspected non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is diagnosed by tests for hemoglobin Pikalyovsky. This allows you to learn the level of sugar in the last two months, the rate of 11 millimoles per litre after meals and 6.1 millimole to confirm her diagnosis. For older people 2nd type of diabetes is fraught with the syndrome of dehydration, coma giperosmolarnaya, diseases of the cardiovascular system. To death causes the need for frequent withdrawal of the body fluid, which the kidneys of the elderly can not cope. Sick of not achrestic diabetes are prone to episodes of hypoglycemia, which always happen all at once. Reduces blood sugar to a level that is very dangerous and falls below 4 mmol/L.


of not achrestic diabetes mellitus - causes

Provoke attacks of not achrestic diabetes mellitus alcohol, fasting, stress and exercise, inderal. Inadequate dose of insulin may cause seizure or failure to take food after the pills. If the patient loses during the attack consciousness, you must give it a hot liquid that contains a lot of sugar or cubes of refined sugar. In chocolate or candy it will raise the level in the blood is too slow. Helps rubbing honey into the gums, jam, jam. For the feet patients diabetes 2 type need special care, any wound and scratches heal very long, inflamed skin, there is no circulation.