Insulin-independent diabetes mellitus and insulin-dependent

Type 1
2nd type


Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus of first (1st) type(insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) is characterized by strong clinical symptoms, labile over with a tendency to hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis.

Insulin form of diabetes usually occurs in people under the age of forty years. The disease is acute and has many manifestations as for example: excessive urination, thirst, excessive increased appetite begins to emerge within just in a few days, there can be noticed dramatic reduction in body weight. Insulin is not detected in the plasma or its level is too low, elevated levels of glucagon, quantity of which is reduced under the action of insulin.

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus – patients’ complains

In case of presence of diabetes mellitus patients’ complaints are: thirst, weakness, dry mouth, polyuria, decrease disability, weight loss, skin itch, increased appetite, itchy crotch, furunculosis and pyoderma.

In case of insulin-dependent diabetic patients frequently are reported sleep disturbances, headaches, pain in the calf and muscles of the heart and also irritability. Taking in account less resistance, patients often develop diseases of the urinary tract and kidney tuberculosis. Glycosuria is determined in urine and glucose level rises in the blood.

Scheme of pathogenesis of insulin diabetes mellitus:

What to do if symptoms of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus are found?

insulin therapy and to start use of special diet based on daily calorie needs of patient. To make right diet patient should carefully calculate the right amount of fat, carbohydrates and proteins contained in food. Diet during the treatment depends on the type of disease that is presented in patient.

There are several regimens of insulin therapy:

There is the phenomenon of "dawn" in case of insulin dependent diabetes that causes significant increase of level of glucose contained in plasma in the early morning, which suggests the need for use of large doses of insulin.