Hospitalization in treatment of diabetes mellitus

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The disease of endocrine system is called diabetes mellitus. Disease like that is manifested by increase of blood glucose level, as well as the deficit of insulin. Progress of diabetes mellitus doesn’t have sudden character, but it goes by small steps. Usually most initial symptoms may be: frequency increase and volume of urine; increase of appetite due to lack of fullness, patient feels hungry all the time; dryness in the mouth, leading to constant thirst and desire to drink.

Symptoms and consequences of the diabetes mellitus

Hospital treatment of diabetes mellitusIn spite of the hyper-appetite, patient may lose weight same time. Quick fatigue and weakness, weak potency and drowsing are the main manifestations of this particular disease. Skin itching and skin decay also may take place. Women's itching may be very acute around genitals. Without any doubt, influence of diabetes mellitus is growing day by day and it affects human organs in organism more and more.

Various infections of breath tract may begin as there is mucous membranes. Palms and soils are getting yellowish; some spots may appear on the knees. Eyes and digestive tract are affected, there also happen disorders in functioning of liver and disordered blood supply. There also may be dysfunctions of genitals, as well as the development of ischemic heart disease and myocardiopathy.

Advantages of patient’s hospitalization in diabetes mellitus treatment

Hospitalization in treatment of diabetes mellitus Hospitalization in treatment of diabetes mellitus is the best way out of the situation because there is the doctor, who is able to help you and prescribe all necessary and important preparations, which will help to recover your health. The treatment may include: healing exercises, which should be dosed according to the rules established; diet, and some medications, which are able to decrease level of blood glucose. Additional medications that help to get rid of diabetes consequences are also important. Despite anything else, key element of treatment is patient’s diet; patient has to consume balanced quantity of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Consumption of soy, farmer cheese and oil should be limited.

Decrease of glucose level may be achieved with help of insulin and its analogs. Insulin may be short-acting (around 6-8 hours), injected under the skin; and long-acting (around 14-18 hours), injected the same way. The scientists have found that for state of full recovery, individual should consume 20-40 units of insulin. Do not be afraid of treatment, visiting of doctors and hospitalization are keys to your successful recovery.