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injections ol diabetesthe Injections from diabetes.

People suffering from diabetes mellitus type 1 often have to inject yourself with insulin. Sometimes it's forced to do and people with type 2 diabetes (the ineffectiveness of tablets or during surgery).

right From the introduction of this drug depends on the level of glucose in the blood. Therefore, compliance with the methodology is compulsory for all persons suffering from this disease.

the multiplicity of the conduct of injections depends on the type of insulin (short-acting or extended) and doctor's appointment. Usually happens 1 to 4 times daily. For this purpose, disposable insulin syringes, which after use is disposed of. Their surface is marked by the number of units of insulin.

In the absence of specific conventional syringe (2 ml). However, this requires special training and it is better to seek the advice of a medical professional. Because an overdose of insulin can lead to a sharp decline in blood sugar and the occurrence of hypoglycemic coma.

Launched the vial of insulin should be stored at room temperature, as chilled it acts worse, while is not yet opened vials stored in the refrigerator.

Insulin with diabetes can be done subcutaneously in the abdomen, shoulder and hips. In the stomach the absorption is better because of a more developed network of blood vessels. Therefore, this injection is preferred. However, a number of experts recommend alternating injection sites, and every next shot to do, not retreating is less than 2 cm from the previous one. This is due to the possibility of forming seals in place of damage to the fabric by the needle, resulting in loss of absorption of the administered drug.

Before you start the injections you should wash your hands with soap and water, the surface of the vial with insulin (at the point of puncture) and site of the proposed injection process 70% ethyl alcohol, to dial into the syringe the required number of units of the drug. Fingers (and thumb) of his left hand formed a skin fold, in which is inserted a needle with a syringe.

the Required insulin dose is injected by pressing the plunger, but the needle is removed from the injection site immediately, but after a while, to prevent leakage of the drug from the wound.

Intravenous administration of insulin (short-acting) is manufactured under a severe condition of the patient with diabetes only with medical workers.

Injections of diabetes.

in Addition to insulin in diabetes and other needed medicines, such as vitamins (intramuscularly or subcutaneously), Actovegin (intramuscularly or intravenously).

injections in diabetes mellitusthe b Vitamins are assigned to the integrated treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy. To combat diabetic encephalopathy is used Actovegin, which can be used in pill, intravenous, and intramuscular form.

In the case of intramuscular injection technique the injection is practically the same as was previously described. Only not shaped skin fold, and the needle is inserted at an angle of 90 degrees ¾ of its length.

alpha lipoic acid is also widely used in the treatment of diabetes. However, its use is possible in either in pill form or intravenously.

Thus, injectable drugs are often used in treatment of diabetes. The frequency of their use depends on the type of medicines and doctor's recommendations.