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blood parameters in diabetes mellitusthe people Today that have in their medical history the diagnosis of "diabetes" normally live and work among us. At the modern level of development of medical treatment and a specific regime, they are no different from healthy. But how to detect the signs of this widespread disease and to warn him? The diagnosis of "diabetes mellitus" is placed by the physician on the basis of the results of the blood test on sugar content. Such an analysis, it is recommended to take every care of yourself man, even if he never complains about the condition. The need for control of sugar due to the fact that diabetes is in many cases asymptomatic.

Tests that determine the blood sugar level, a few: the familiar blood collection (performed from the finger or vein), with "sugar" load or without it and test for glycated hemoglobin. What should pay attention each gave their blood? If she gave up from the finger and fasting, it is considered normal glucose level from 3.3 to 5.5 mmol/l regardless of patient's age. If the average is between 5.5 to 6.0 mmol/l, the doctor will do a conclusion about presence of the intermediate state of prediabetes. An index of more than 6.1 mmol/l are already talking about diabetes.

In the case where blood is taken from a vein, the blood sugar is always slightly higher: the norm is the availability of sugar to 6.1 mmol/l and if the result is over 7.0 mmol/l diagnosed diabetes.

blood parametersShould I believe once the analysis? Definitely Yes. These results are quite enough in the presence of pronounced symptoms. If they are absent, the diagnosis can be made after repeated blood tests (on different days). To clarify or confirm the supposed diabetes, it is possible to make a test with "sugar" load. In this case, in the morning on an empty stomach is blood sampling from the finger, then the examinee is taking 75 g glucose in solution and passes a subsequent evaluation. If the result is 7.8 mmol/l - the sugar level normal. At rates from 7.8 to 11.0 mmol/l - the condition of pre-diabetes, over 11.0 mmol/l - diabetes mellitus. In the appointment of such a study should take into account the physical condition of the patient: testing is not performed on the background of colds, injuries and myocardial infarction. During pregnancy the results of the analysis is also different.

the Analysis of glycated hemoglobin used to monitor glucose levels in patients for whom the diagnosis "diabetes mellitus" have already confirmed. This test is performed once a quarter in the form of a blood sample from a vein fasting and its index assesses how the patient self monitors changes in the blood condition.

Continuous monitoring of sugar level in the blood indicates that a person well-suited to matters of their own health, and also enables you to notice everything that happens in the body changes, not showing.