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meterto keep diabetes mellitus in a compensated state, it is necessary to monitor all important parameters.

the Main indicator is the level of glucose in blood and in urine.

In patients with insulin-dependent diabetes of the first type to control glycemia helps glycemic profile.

to Make it simple. During the day you need 7 times to determine the level of sugar in the blood: 1.5 hours before and after Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and at bedtime. It is recommended that random checks at 3am. The sugar levels should aim for a rate of 5.5 - 6.5 mmol/L.

In patients with second type diabetes control is carried out in the presence of sugar in urine (glucosuria). Norms of sugar in the urine as such, no, but the analysis is considered positive when the threshold is exceeded the target of 10 mmol. For control, only two-three measurements per week.

Both of these methods allow control in the home, this will help special devices - glucometer and test-poloski.

In laboratory conditions, it is necessary to constantly monitor the following indicators in diabetes mellitus: glycated hemoglobin, blood creatinine, urea of blood, General analysis of blood and urine, total protein, albumin. A deviation from the norm of a variable indicate the development of certain pathological processes in various organs.

for Example, elevated levels of creatinine and urea analysis show a decrease in the excretory function kidney.


test strips- the amount of urea in blood is 2,5-8,3 mmol/l, in urine - 430-710 mmol/day.

- the content of creatinine in blood: 53-115 Вµmol/l, in urine: 5,3-17,7 mmol/day.

Renal blood flow is controlled by the rate of creatinine clearance.

it is Very important once in 3-4 months to analyze glycated hemoglobin. The result shows the estimated average blood sugar level over the past 2-3 months. Observing the result, we can conclude - as far as the compensated diabetes mellitus, and how well is it treated. Index of glycated hemoglobin is measured in the range 3 to 15 %, and accordingly, the average sugar is in the range of 3.8 - 23,0 mmol/l Norm is the indicator of glycated hemoglobin from 5 to 7 % (4,4-8,2 mmol/l).

If you do not conduct timely monitoring, we will not be able to make quick adjustments in the therapy of diabetes mellitus. Ultimately, it will be a lot of various complications.