Impotence in diabetes, erectile dysfunction treatment

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treatment of impotence in diabetes mellitusOne of the most common complications of diabetes in males is impotence (erectile dysfunction).

Impotence in men leads to significant deterioration in the quality of sexual life. Patients with diabetes need to undergo a series of examinations that ensure the detection of violations of erectile function. These violations include:


the Primary cause of impotence in diabetes mellitus performs diabetic polyneuropathy. Secondary causes are: cardiovascular diseases, imbalance of lipid metabolism, liver and kidney failure, androgenic deficit, psychogenic disorders, hypertension.

diabetes mellitus diagnosis of erectile dysfunction includes:


Before the stage of treatment of impotence it is important to attain the maximum compensation of diabetes.


Treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction)in diabetes mellitus

Modern medicine is able to cure impotency in diabetic patients by using:


In most cases, the basis of treatment of impotence in men with high blood sugar in the blood used medical therapy (alpha lipoic acid, apomorphine, yohimbine, papaverine, viagra, etc.).

the Choice of specific drugs against erectile dysfunction in diabetes is due to: the General condition of the patient, precise determination of the causal factor, the presence of sexual activity and clarifying any contraindications to sexual activity.

If you have diabetes, a drug for treatment of impotence should be exercised with extreme caution and with due consideration of possible side effects from taking it.