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ozone therapy in diabetesdiabetes mellitus is becoming a more common disease and one of the main unpleasant factors of this disease is the decrease of immunity. This leads to the emergence of infections, gangrene and a longer recovery time after injuries. Everyone who fell ill with this serious disease, very concerned about his immune system, and more specifically, why reduced, and how to increase it?

And if the cause of reduced immunity in diabetes mellitus simple is the reduction of the phagocytic activity of leukocytes and chemotaxis, methods of its increasing is not so simple. To increase its immunity to you, in addition to sports activities, you will need proper diet and physiotherapy, as well as a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages and Smoking.

Physical activity are selected individually, based on the stage of the disease, the reasons caused it and the level of physical development of the patient. Choosing options for physical activity, should opt for low-impact sports that do not require much power or speed indicators. Optimal sport for diabetics, is one that trains the respiratory and cardiovascular system, causing the blood to circulate throughout the body.

There are a huge number of physical therapy treatments that are prescribed for diabetes, but only a few of them raise the immune system.

magnetic therapy in diabetes mellitusTo raise the immune system a good option would be the passage of ozone therapy procedures. This procedure is especially necessary for people suffering from diabetes first type, since ozone prevents the development of infectious events on the skin. Important when ozone is continuous monitoring of glucose levels in the blood, since this procedure may cause hypoglycemic effect. In addition to direct favorable effect on the immune system, ozone therapy is able to improve immunity, to normalize sleep and improve the General condition of the patient, and as a consequence, improves the immune system.

the Second benefit to improve immunity in diabetes the procedure is considered to be magnetic therapy. Usually this method of treatment is used diabetic foot syndrome and diabetic neuropathy. When exposed to a magnetic field there is a favorable immunomodulatory, analgesic, Tropico-regulatory and angioprotective effect.

Nutrition with diabetes should be vitaminiziruet, but similar. I mean, every day you have to receive the same dose of fats and carbohydrates, and also glucose, otherwise you may have problems with calculation of insulin dose.