Hypoglycemia in case of diabetes mellitus and without it, hypoglycemic states

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Hypoglycemia in diabetes mellitusHypoglycemia is a state of organism, when the glucose level contained in blood is under 4 mmol/l.

Hypoglycemia may be recognized easily because it has very clear symptoms: shiver, blush, arrhythmia, rapid pulse, cold or very hot hands, heavy sweating, slow reaction, speech disturbances, hunger, "unclear" head, rigor, mydriatic pupils and so on.

Causes of hypoglycemia appearance in diabetes mellitus

Diabetics with diabetes mellitus of first (1st) type may suffer from hypoglycaemia due to following reasons:

In patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus of second (2nd) type, hypoglycemia may be caused with some preparations or medications, simultaneous intake of pills and alcohol or with consumption of junk food.

If a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus suspects hypoglycemic state, then it is necessary to measure blood glucose level by using glucometer, then intake some glucose (food, sweets or anything that contains glucose, even sugar) and after that measure blood glucose level again.

First aid in case of hypoglycemic state of diabetics

Timely intervention and first aid to a patient may prevent serious consequences. Hypoglycaemia is not dangerous to healthy people, but in combination with diabetes mellitus it may lead to a special kind of coma (hypoglycemic coma).

If patient noticed some of symptoms described above, in order to avoid such risky situations, he should avoid any kind of activities and glucose intake.

In case if patient got a diabetic coma, any attempt to pour glucose into his or her mouth may be lethal. In such situations, it is necessary to inject glucagon that will help to decrease action of insulin.

Upon injection of this preparation, coma usually passes away in fifteen minutes. First few hours after patient may feel headache and general weakness. First aid help may be mandatory needed in two cases: inadequate or unconscious condition of the patient. Otherwise, it is possible to help patient by oneself:

Preventive measures for hypoglycemia for people with diabetes mellitus

Hypoglycemia can be prevented easily in case of correct and timely diet, taking snacks, regular blood sugar control and use of appropriate doses of insulin during physical activities. Patient’s personal doctor may create an individual schema to prevent hypoglycemic situations for a patient that suffers from from diabetes mellitus.