How to pass a blood test for sugar (glucose)?

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how to be tested for sugarthe blood sugar administered upon the slightest suspicion of diabetes, when a person complains of constant thirst, fatigue, weakness, weak immune system. His change aims to determine the level glucosio patient.


drawing Rules

How to hand over blood on sugar? Usually the analysis is assigned on an empty stomach. Rent it out in the morning. The rules are as follows: after the evening meal to delivery must pass not less than twelve hours. In this period of time not to drink sugary drinks - nothing but water! If possible and water should be excluded because it also affects the level glucose in the body.

If a person is registered with diabetes mellitus, the endocrinologist periodically assigns the blood glucose. Regular surveys are needed for proper selection of diet, insulin doses and saaronniemi drugs. A blood sugar level is taken from the finger or vein, if appointed and other tests. They study it in the lab, and the transcript is sent to your doctor.

Even with a good result you should consult with your doctor about the risk factors of diabetes concern you. In some people the blood sugar level on an empty stomach is in the redistribution rate, and after eating he quickly rises, crossing the border rules. The glucose immunity (tolerance violation) is one of the symptoms of diabetes.

So the doctor can prescribe for a patient not yet diagnosed diabetes, current blood sugar. Rules of preparation for it a little bit different - before to pass it, no need to refrain from eating or drinking. However, after eating at the time of delivery should take up to an hour and a half. The blood is taken, as fasting, but the phrase "after eating". Indicator values above 11.1 mmol/l is an alarming signal, indicating diabetes mellitus.

Before you tested for glucose, ask your doctor how you should prepare for it. Because different preparations can affect the results of the study. On an empty stomach or after food, what type will assign you a doctor, depending on the expected diagnosis.

When there are doubts about the correct diagnosis, the endocrinologist may prescribe the patient to take a blood test under load. As he was giving up? The first portion of blood is taken from the finger examined on an empty stomach, then give him to drink a saturated solution of glucose, and within two hours, every half an hour take the second test. According to the results of decoding sugar "curve" the doctor makes a diagnosis.