How to reduce sugar in diabetes?

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Berlition in diabetes mellitusPeople with diabetes have to constantly monitor the blood sugar level.

At high performance it is necessary to reduce. There are various methods: medicines, folk remedies and diet. But it is important to know that people with diabetes of the first type without insulin blood sugar not to decrease, but diabetes of the second type it is possible to achieve reduction of sugar by using diet.

let us Consider each case individually.

How to reduce sugar in diabetes mellitus of the first type?

Insulin-dependent people to reduce blood sugar only with the help of a drug - insulin. It is divided into 2 types - short and long term. "Short" insulin received its name for the duration of their exposure. His teasing usually before meals or when there is not enough action, "long" until a certain time. Long-term insulin injected 2 times a day. Its purpose is to keep within limits the glucose level over an extended time, such as at bedtime.

Also slightly lowers the sugar level the use of different drugs to compensate for the underlying disease - Berlithion and Espa-Lipon. To apply the methods of folk medicine to reduce sugar in diabetes the first type can be, but only in addition to insulin.


How to reduce sugar in diabetes mellitus of the second type?

vegetables diabetes sugar reductioninfusions in diabetes mellitusIn the second type of diabetes well help reduce the level of sugar in the blood herbs. Many of them you can collect and prepare yourself. For example, clover, Hypericum, birch buds, roots of dandelion and burdock, dried Bay leaves - they are all fully accessible. It will be more expedient to make of these herbs tincture. For this they need to dry and grind, pour boiling water in a Cup and infuse for 3 hours. Drink three SIPS.

in Parallel with the use of infusions to patients with diabetes mellitus it is advisable to stick to a diet and give up Smoking and alcohol. The diet must be filled with dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts. The menu definitely needs to be beets, cabbage, cucumbers, beans, radish, garlic, parsley, onion. Helps to reduce sugar broth partitions walnuts.

despite the diversity of proposals not forget that the panacea for diabetes does not exist in nature. Therefore, using the methods of folk medicine, it is important to control the blood sugar level.