How to reduce (knock down) sugar (glucose) in the blood?

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How to reduce sugar level in bloodQuestion: "How to reduce sugar level in blood?" often bothers people. Because the scale of diabetes mellitus has reached enormous proportions. World Association of doctors, aware of the magnitude of the problem worldwide, increasing attention is given to the prevention and early diagnosis of this disease, lighting online, print publications and on TV a lot of advice on healthy lifestyle and reduce the glucose level in blood.

to get rid of this disease, unfortunately, could not be anyone. Therefore, the main goal of treating diabetes is the reduction of glucose, the excretion of the excess from the body and maintaining glucose levels within normal limits. This goal can be achieved in different ways:

With insulin-dependent diabetes (first type), a form of which affects one-fifth of all cases, to bring down the sugar level in the blood, removing the excess from the body by using drug therapy - pills or injections of the hormone insulin. Diet and daily physical activity in this case act as a secondary, auxiliary means, the effect of fixing to reduce it.

by the 2nd type of this endocrine disease the majority of patients (80%). Many of them are overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle. So doctors, prescribing medication, not in a hurry to withdraw the excess glucose with the help of medications. And if the situation allows with the health of the patient, the doctors in the first place knock indicators from the adjustment of diet and physical activity that early in the disease may return narodivsya in the body balance back to normal, removing the high sugar from the bloodstream, dropping his stats to normal.

How to capture, lose the sugar, reducing the level of glucose in the blood

Advising patients diagnosed with diabetes type II diabetes, doctors often recommend to observe the following rules, which enable to bring down, gradually, to lose blood sugar, reducing its rate by a quarter:


Carbohydrates are the only substances that can raise the sugar content. Therefore, in order not to nullify the efforts to reduce the level of glucose in the blood, you must keep track of carbohydrate consumed in food products, their quality and quantity. Only carbohydrates with a low GI (glycemic index), small portions evenly distributed in the diet of patients during the day, it allows you to withdraw excess amounts from the body.

In this case, vegetables are an indispensable food on the table diabetics can bring down high sugar levels, reducing its level in the blood. These natural products contain a minimum of fat, a little protein and enough complex, useful for the patient of carbohydrates. Fiber-rich vegetables are slowly absorbed in the esophagus, glucose, obtained in the process of digestion, gradually absorbed into the bloodstream, without increasing the level that you can reset his stats to normal levels, removing excess from the bloodstream.

Many fruits are also allowed in the diet of people, one that aims to knock down, to slow down the high content of glucose, removing the excess from the blood. But the fruit in its composition more sweet. Therefore, doctors recommend to include them in food in the first half of the day in small quantities. This restriction does not apply to many vegetables (except potatoes) and ready-made meals of them, which can be eaten at any time of the day in unlimited quantities. A balanced diet with predominance of plant food vegetable will help to bring down and bring out the excess of glucose, reducing her figure to normal.