How to recognize diabetes?

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thirst in diabetes mellitusThis disease is accompanied by characteristic symptoms, they can be divided into two types: primary and secondary. Below are the symptoms by which you can detect diabetes.

How to recognize diabetes symptoms by major

Increased excretion of urine and frequent urination, called polyuria, is one of the main symptoms. Increased urination due to the osmotic pressure, the rise in diabetes.

a Substantial loss of moisture leading to a permanent feeling of thirst, called polimedia. The lack of moisture in the body effect on mood and significantly increases osmotic blood pressure.

a Constant sense of hunger is another characteristic symptom, by which you can detect diabetes. In this disease the metabolism is disrupted, the cells lose the ability to absorb glucose. For the absorption and processing of glucose, they need insulin.

in spite of excessive appetite, people with diabetes often look very thin - the exhaustion is due to catabolism of fats and proteins. In the energy exchange ceases to participate glucose, which leads to catabolism.

severe Than the above symptoms, the more intense develop diabetes. If you develop any of these symptoms, you do not need to worry, but to be examined, definitely worth it.

How to recognize diabetes symptoms secondary

a Constant sense of weakness in the muscles, accompanied headache appearance skin inflammation which can be treated with great difficulty, the constant feeling of dry mouth is the most common secondary signs.

Frequent feeling of skin itching, also itching and irritation of the mucous membranes, without any apparent reason, can indicate diabetes. If in the mouth, thus, there is a dryness and metallic taste, you should be screened as soon as possible.

If you notice blurred vision expressed by the blurred vision, it may not be myopia, and diabetes. Blurred vision in diabetes occurs, most often, those who could not boast of good eyesight and to the appearance of the disease.

the Feeling of increased skin dryness, the appearance of fungal infections, numbness hands and feet - traces of which can also be time to recognize diabetes. If numbness is felt quite often without any reason, then do not hesitate, it is necessary to pass the examination.