How to lower (reduce) the level of sugar in blood?

How to reduce?
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Fluctuation in blood sugar
The ways and methods of reducing
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Lower blood sugarEvery person diagnosed with diabetes once wondered: "How can we lower the sugar level in the blood?". Because these incurable endocrine disease affects one in twenty people in Russia who needs to reduce the content of glucose in the bloodstream.

What can be done to address the level of glucose in the blood in addition to drug therapy, which, if necessary, on an individual basis the patient will choose the doctor?

How can you reduce the sugar level in the blood

How not to sound corny, this truth, but we are what we eat. Therefore, the power can be regarded as one of the main ways to lower blood glucose. In the diet of a person who wants to reduce blood sugar can include:


If about diet and medium physical activity, which doctors recommended to do thirty minutes after meals, is known to many people, this method is not often say:


the Implementation of these recommendations may not be able to replace the drugs completely, but just reduce the dose and number of daily intakes.