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sports and diabetesSurely the basis of treatment of diabetes, in addition to medical intervention, in order to live a full life, is a proper diet - not even diet, namely eating right. The purpose of this diet is to maintain the weight within acceptable limits, but avoid any hunger strikes or disruptions in the food. It is worth remembering that the metabolism of each person is different, and therefore, you should eat as the doctor instructs, and not, as advised acquaintances.

Sometimes for people with the second type to a normal lifestyle with diabetes mellitus may be sufficient to diet or diet, supported by preformed anti-diabetic agents. And only in severe or when the disease diabetes type I diabetes will need insulin.

How to live with diabetes is to exercise or not?

There is a misconception that sick people contraindicated physical activity - not at all. Any ill with diabetes mellitus can engage even the most active sports leading a normal life, by the way, among the outstanding athletes are enough people with a similar diagnosis who have achieved very high results. In General, the sports for most diabetics this is another helper in the fight against obesity. In addition, tissues of athletes, there is increased sensitivity to insulin, thereby an active lifestyle helps to reduce the required dose. Naturally, exercise also should be carried out only after prior consultation with the doctor.

diabetes mellitusThe same applies work diabetics suitable for almost all kinds of professions, the only restriction is for people with risk of hypoglycemia and patients with diabetes mellitus type I - they shouldn't work where you can cause harm to others or yourself. That is, they are contraindicated high-altitude work and the work related to the management of technology and mechanisms. In everything else a diabetic can find a use, the main thing when choosing a job is to find yourself an occupation that will allow for a satisfactory lifestyle in diabetes, just to follow the assigned diet and medication (if necessary). Plus, it is advisable to choose a job with a uniform load - even if the loads are high, but uniform, they are quite on the shoulder the diabetic. And I don't want to agitate the question: "How to live with diabetes?"

And the first and foremost thing that you should remember man, ill with diabetes, is that diabetes is a diagnosis, but in any case not a sentence. In this disease a person can live very ordinary lives, no different from healthy people, the main thing to observe precisely all the instructions of the doctor and any changes in health or lifestyle change time to seek advice.