How to get rid of, or avoid diabetes?

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diabetes mellitus is a serious disease, gradually leading to the development of various complications of the internal organs. Conventional medicine treats it with insulin and hypoglycemic agents, but the secrets of deliverance from diabetes she does not know. And such exist.

How to get rid of?

Japanese Sophora diabetesSecret 1

Cure diabetes type II using Sophora japonica. You need to prepare from its fruit 56% alcohol tincture and take courses for three years.

Recipe: 1 kg fresh fruits Sophora japonica, cut with scissors made of stainless steel, pour 1 liter of 56% alcohol. Jar content to sustain 12 days in a dark place, shaking several times a day. After this period, the infusion need to strain through cheesecloth.

usage: drink 10 drops 3 - 4 times a day after meals, daily increasing the dose to 1 drop. Gradually bring one-time amount to 1 teaspoon. This dose should be taken for 24 days. Treatment is carried out 2 times a year - in spring and autumn. In the second year and further treatment can be started immediately with 1 teaspoon.

it is Important to remember that the first time the tincture of Sophora allowed to take only the treatment of traditional medicines.

Secret 2

get Rid of diabetes, you can use baked onions, eating one head on an empty stomach within a month.

Secret 3

Cure promotes any daily consumption of greens in the amount of 250 grams. This can be dill, lettuce, parsley, spinach, cilantro, celery, coriander. They need to carefully grind and mix with any fruit or vegetables.

As is known, the best treatment of any disease is its prevention, therefore, to avoid diabetes should remember a few rules.

1. Preferably as often as possible to eat foods that help prevent diabetes: cinnamon, cabbage, artichoke, cod, oatmeal, rosehips, green tea. Need to cut, and it is better not to consume fatty and fried meat, smoked products, sausages, sweet and flour products.

2. In no event it is impossible to prevent the emergence of excess weight to avoid diabetes. The body mass index should be no higher than 25.

3. It is important to regularly through the day, expose your body to physical loads during 20 minutes. It can be any sport, including morning exercises and walking outdoors.

4. If there is no possibility to refuse from taking alcohol, then you should use it only in safe doses: 100 ml of beer or 50 ml of wine per day.

5. You need to get rid of such harmful habits as Smoking, in order to avoid diabetes.