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how to get diabetesdiabetes occurs in the body immediately, but for a long time. Diabetes is associated with the fact that over time there is a large intake of starch and glucose processing insulin which the body lacks. This hormone produces pancreas, which is an unpaired organ. Insulin maintains normal blood sugar levels to 5.5 mmol. It turns glucose into glycogen, are deposited in the muscles for a "rainy day".

the Disease inheritance is not transmitted, but is closely associated predisposition the child, if one parent with diabetes was sick. Both the sick parent to increase the likelihood of getting diabetes manifold.

Newborns are heavier than 4.5 kg predisposed to diabetes from birth. The risk group includes patients with tumors, polycystic ovaries, women who take diuretics and synthetic hormones. In these cases, there is a probability of getting the first type of diabetes, it progresses very quickly. Adversely affect the pancreas cytomegalovirus, mumps, rubella, influenza, poisoning toxins, food, vaccinations, trauma to the psyche, a violation of diet. Long-lasting stress can change the functioning of the immune system and pancreas and to get diabetes.

the Critical periods in children are ages: 4 - 7 years 10 - 14 years 21 - 29 years.

In the first case, there is maximum contact and infection, and the second is associated with enhanced growth when the organism is reconstructed, pancreatic including. Sex hormones exacerbate the situation.

the Third period is associated with the consumption of toxic substances, alcohol, Smoking. Excessive stress physical and emotional stress for a long when completed the formation of the body dangerous for the metabolism. Those at higher risk to get diabetes mellitus the elderly, pregnant women, children.

Weakened immune system, lack of exercise, lack of exercise, unbalanced mode, the wrong mode of eating - the main reasons to get diabetes. The body needs every day to do the fiber, avoid fast food, take less carbohydrates and fats fast.

children can develop the first type of the disease, pregnant women and the elderly is more likely to occur non-insulin-dependent diabetes of the second type. With age there are changes in metabolism, blood sugar increases. For ailments that usually, do not pay attention, I notice in dilapidated condition. This vascular pathology, retinopathy, neuropathy, hypertension.