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the blood sugar level in diabetes mellitusAs you know cure disease no. But this does not mean that life is over. With diabetes can and should live. Important to constantly monitor their condition, levels of sugar, observed by a doctor and follow his recommendations, i.e. to keep the diabetes in a compensated state. In this case, many complications caused by this disease, you can avoid. There are a few basic rules and guidelines to be followed by people to combat diabetes. We consider them in detail.


the First rule of diabetes (main)

Always try to keep the blood sugar level within acceptable limits. Especially insulin dependent people. Nothing destroys the vessels as much as high blood sugar. This will suffer heart, kidneys, lower extremities (up to gangrene). To provoke a sharp increase in sugar levels may and preceding hypoglycemia. The mechanism is that the reduction of sugar in the body instantly reacts and starts the liver to throw out glucose reserves, the increasing rate of sugar level.

What to do?

to Deal with diabetes, and for this to keep the constant control of sugar by glucometer. Optimally 6-8 times a day. Take 15 minutes before meals and one hour after. Definitely before bedtime and in the morning. So you will be able to keep the situation under kontrolem.


Very useful to conduct routine medical procedures and take some maintenance medicines. For example, Milhama and Neuromultivit contain the vitamin In recommended by doctors and diabetes. No harm will be receiving Essenciale-Forte - help work liver. The hyperbaric chamber helps to improve blood circulation, ozone therapy enhances the body's valuable oxygen. 1-2 times a year it is advisable to go to a specialized hospital for diagnosis and prevention. Variants of the support body physical activity in diabetes mellitusdiabetic weight endocrinologist will choose an appropriate tool and mode.


a Second rule to combat diabetes

maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Give up Smoking and alcohol (if possible). Stick to a healthy diet. Fatty foods can provoke the appearance of acetone in the body. If the kidneys are OK, then you need to drink more water.

Physical exercise has beneficial effects on the General condition and even helps to fight for the reduction of blood sugar levels. Observe personal hygiene. Keep in clean and dry feet, regularly inspect them for damage. So you will protect yourself from the appearance of venous ulcers.