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it is believed that all patients with diabetes are overweight, but it's not. But diabetes can to lose weight fast and that too is not a good sign. How to gain weight with diabetes?

getting rid of extra weight in diabetes mellitusSharp weight loss diabetes is linked to inadequate number insulin, thanks glucose eliminated from the body, doing cells. To get started is to take action to regulate blood sugar levels. There are products who if not able to replace insulin, a little bit to compensate for it. These products include garlic, soybeans, crude vegetables green, sprouted wheat grass, Brussels sprouts and flax oils. With a lack of insulin well help honey and goat milk. Patients with diabetes, losing much weight, you must eat these products. You should eat 5-6 times a day, taking care of the variety of its menu. In the diet of such patients fats should be approximately one third of the total mass of consumed food. Proteins have 20% and the rest carbs. Adhering to this installation it is necessary to increase the daily caloric, carbohydrate evenly distributing the load.


Ways to lose (to lose weight diabetes)

Recruit to lose weight for diabetesBut diabetes and weight may increase dramatically. Normal weight is the key to successful treatment. How to lose weight with diabetes? There are several simple rules. Everyone knows that excess weight is unspent energy. So, the first rule is to limit the flow of energy in the body. You should try to eat low calorie foods, choosing those that prefer. The second rule is to refrain from fatty foods. Point is that the fat is not only fat and oil. Fat are meat and fish. So, we need to completely abandon fatty types fish and meat, and with others, including with chicken, remove the fat before cooking. Patients with diabetes should never eat fried foods. They not only promote weight gain but also negatively affect pancreas. Rule three - vegetable oil does not diet product. It is quite rich in calories. To reduce weight salads must fill with lemon juice or yogurt. The fourth rule is - eat regularly. It is better to avoid snacking altogether, but if they cannot be avoided, it is possible to use for this purpose vegetables and fruit. Rule five - the main enemy of normal weight is sweets, so it is better to replace sugar with honey.

what to do with the appetite? But it must be adjusted. In patients with diabetes mellitus, it usually increased. Reduce appetite can help diet protein. For example, eaten for Breakfast a couple of eggs will contribute to a longer saturation. In order to reduce cholesterol, you can eat only egg whites. Reduction in hunger is promoted in green tea, but you cannot drink more than 3 cups a day.