How to check (determine) the level of sugar in blood?

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How to check blood sugarHow to check blood sugar, if the situation requires it? People whose diabetes was discovered long ago, will not find it difficult to answer this question. The need for constant monitoring of glucose is associated with features of the disease and certain nutritional guidelines.

If the patient feels unwell, to take the necessary measures, it is important to know what it is associated with high or low blood sugar. You need to check its level with a glucose meter.

This device should be in every diabetic. To it the set includes a perforator for piercing the finger with spare needles and test strips to check glucose levels. The diameter of the needle punch is so small that the puncture bundles of finger is virtually painless. The depth of the puncture is also adjustable, so if you need to determine the level of glucose every can in the hammer to set the optimal value of puncture.

In this procedure, you must turn on the glucometer and insert a new test strip. Then wipe the injection site with a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol, take a hammer and puncturing the finger beam. Speaking a drop of blood must bring to the test strip, ensuring that it penetrates into the strip. On screen meter will display the digital value corresponding to the blood sugar at the moment.

Check it with the normative indications corresponding to a given time - before or after meals, etc. If they go beyond the permissible values, take necessary measures.

How to test most accurately the level of sugar in your blood? The most accurate value you will get, of course, during laboratory tests at the polyclinic. So, if you just purchased a glucometer, you need to determine its error. To do this on a day when you are scheduled for a fasting sugar test in the laboratory, the clinic, bring your instrument. Poprosite technician will first drop of blood from your finger applied to the test strip inserted into glucometer. Note the indicator of the level of sugar in your blood that issued the device, and compare it with results from laboratory studies. Putting these figures together, determine the accuracy of your meter in percentage and consider it in the subsequent measurements.

Check blood sugar easily, but this is very important in many situations related to health and even life of a person.