How to calculate glycemic index of prepared meals?

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How to calculate GI of meals?


Grain bread low glycemic indexGlycemic index(GI) in calculation of prepared meals is a qualitative indicator of the impact of used products to the level of sugar in the blood.

GI value of a product depends on the quantitative content of dietary fiber in the product. With the growth of the fiber content of the product, the GI of product is reduced. Equally important in the calculation of the glycemic index also plays a temperature of fineness and the type of cooking of the product. Thus, for example GI of apple juice is greater than GI of whole apple, as well as GI of cooked vegetables is higher than GI of fresh ones. Also in this case makes a contribution also thermal treatment of product during cooking, the more time, so if process of cooking of products lasts long time the higher GI it will have at the end.

According to some scholars, glycemic index of food is ready to count taking in visor "quality" of carbohydrates that are contained in certain dish or product. Since some useful products become unduly adverse many diets, but it ignores the fact that, for example, carrots with high GI simply not eat much unlike a pizza with a low glycemic index, and hence seemingly with less effect on blood sugar.

Further problem in calculating of glycemic index of prepared meals is that we prepare them from a variety of ingredients. And then on the one hand, it would seem that it is complex to calculate total value of the glycemic index of products in prepared dish. However, there should be considered another feature that is dependence of GI to acidity of meals.

Next discovery is that because of the fat content of the chips has a lower GI than boiled, and thin noodles have a higher GI than thick ones.

Glass of juice Glycemic IndexSo does this beautiful theory has so many shortcomings? Not at all. GI besides helps to characterize how blood sugar level rises, there is also a concept of glycemic load, which takes into account how long this level in the blood can hold on.

Despite all the differences of opinion and other nuances, many people generally accept recommendations when cooking and the same time they count approximate Glycemic Index of prepared meals.

How to calculate the glycemic index prepared meals right the table GI foods will help you. The Board adheres to foods with a low GI, in any case, will be useful, especially if you stick with common sense and not fanatically count GI of every grain. Simply replace the usual bread to cereal and instead of glass of juice just eat a whole apple. Good luck!