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Lantus diabetesto Live with diabetes is not easy, but the majority of patients adapt to the disease and lead an active lifestyle. But no-no, and there is a sad thought: "And if it's not diabetes!" Of course, prospects would be more. So it is a relevant question that patients often ask not only yourself, but also the doctors, is it possible somehow to defeat diabetes.

the Answer is ambiguous as the question. More sickly this malignant disease of men in families over several generations with this illness none of the relatives did not face. All this happens just corny. People are not worried about their nutrition. Eat only in order not to be hungry and not think about the deadly dangers that carries food. And not worry that excessive consumption of these tasty, but scary preservatives unlimited quantities of sugar is not useful. These products are so insidious that even any strong genetics not able to stand before them.

Another opposition how to beat diabetes - it is the right physical activity. During the movements the body uses the accumulated energy, and that means he will not be a pantry where everything is going until then, until an explosion, signaling the onset of the disease.

Gymnema Silvestre diabetesthe Correct prophylactic medicinal plants is the right way to the absence of disease. Indian doctors long before traditional medicine revealed the secret of interesting plants Gymnema Sylvestre. It is the wrestler with diabetes. If one feels a tendency to the emergence of this disease, you can start to take a decoction of this herb. It reduces the interest in sweets. People are prone to obesity (and they too are in danger of Contracting diabetes), prenima this medicine or tea "Sweet life", much less eaten at lunch time. If the pancreas of a healthy person works without any deviations, damage from this medicinal broth will never be.

diabetes can learn to control it, to prevent further aggravation and defeat. Created new drugs that can prevent the risk of further development of glycemia. In many countries of Europe (England, France, Germany), as well as in the USA for several years, patients prescribed Lantus. This medicine exhibits maximum efficiency and slows down the disease, because that is the closest analog of human insulin.

Defeat diabetes is always possible, it is important to choose the right weapon.