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how much sugar is in the bloodwhat not only blame and what did not attribute today to the Sahara. It is called "White death", "Sweet death" and the like. Many believe that he is a useless product which does not have any vitamins and healthy substances. But is it? What is this product? How it has an impact, getting in our body?

scientifically Speaking, sugar is sucrose made from cane or sugar beets. Its structure includes glucose with fructose. By itself, the sucrose-it has no vitamins or other useful substances, as is the case in virtually all foods. As it turns out, sugar really useless product? Of course, no! Remember that the composition of sucrose is glucose, a satisfactory amount of which is necessary for active living.

Glucose to nourish these important organs such as the brain, muscles, liver. And to ensure that the bodies were continuously provided with glucose, they require constant the blood. Normal amount of its value to humans - 3,4—5,5 mmol /liter of blood.

What is the mechanism of action of sugar when it goes into the body? As soon as we put this sweetness in the mouth, the saliva enzyme immediately breaks it down into fructose and glucose. Absorption into the blood glucose is membrane mucous membranes of the intestine and the oral cavity. As a result, the value of sugar is growing significantly, and the insulin taken for his part of the work. Some proportion goes to the liver, some in muscle. The accumulated reserve in the liver necessary in order to maintain the desired optimum amount of glucose in the blood, for the continuous supply of all tissues and internal organs.

premiumOften people don't know how much sugar can be in the blood, what is the supply of glucose has an optimum value in terms of norms? Is it possible to use it and how much it is permissible to eat? Experts in nutrition recommend eating sweets all other confectionery, not exceeding 70 g/day. And people of average years, this figure drops to 50 g/day.

how much is allowed to eat sweets, depends on what is the value of the amount present in the blood at a given time. In that case, if your rule is not too high, and somewhat understated, it is possible to use it not as dangerous as if you did when you inflated his value. In any case, requires periodic, but regular monitoring. You should always know how much sugar is contained in your body. From this knowledge depends on your present and future health.