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statistics patients with diabetes mellitusSuch a terrible disease as diabetes mellitus occupies an honourable third in the world after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. According to world statistics at the beginning of April 2012 the number of people suffering from this disease was approximately 280 million, which in percentage terms amounts to 3% of the total population of our planet.

the world health organization has called diabetes the scourge of all countries and ages.

the international Federation of Diabetes, based on their data indicates that the main burden of the epidemic falls on middle-income and low-income countries and that diabetes is much more common in people of working age than previously believed.

According to the 1985 people with diabetes were about 10 times less in comparison with the present (about 28 million). But by 2000, this figure increased by 5 times and exceeded 150 million.

And how many now suffer from diabetes? Today, just a little more than 12 years, the number of patients approaching the mark of 300 million. Approximately 145 million people - people aged 20 to 55 years.

To date, the number of people with diabetes, increased twice every 11-14 years. If you look at the percentage on the entire planet, the percentage of patients with diabetes two types are equal +/- 4%. In Russia this figure (according to many estimate) ranges from 3 to 6%, while in USA this percentage reaches critical limits, and is only 16-19% of the population of the whole country.

At the same time Russia is considered to be "unchanged" as the leader among European countries with the highest indicators on the number of ill people (about 12 million). Second place goes to Portugal, followed by Cyprus.

Many patients with diabetes mellitus is expected in the future?

the international diabetes Federation has made a disappointing forecast - by 2030 the number of diabetes will reach 552 million. Explain that employees of the Federation: every 10 seconds doctors record 3 new pathology, in the course of the year this figure amounts to 10 million people. In addition, 80 thousand children each year identify congenital diabetes, while another estimated 180 million people and many do not yet know about his illness. The risk group of scientists believe the age category of 40-60 years.

nowadays in Europe the cost of treating such illness as diabetes mellitus account for one third of the global cost of therapy.