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the beginning of diabetes mellitusdiabetes mellitus Begins with the fact that the body is a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, which inevitably entails a disorder of metabolic processes. Pancreas stops producing enough insulin (the hormone that regulates the amount of sugar in the blood), and excess glucose released into the blood and urine. In the cells of the body, there comes an acute shortage of energy which was received previously from the processing of excess sugar. Glucose is the best energy supplier in the body, but getting into the cells, it can only with the help of insulin.

In medicine, there are 2 types of diabetes: insulin dependent (diabetes first type) and non-insulin-dependent (type II diabetes).

diabetes mellitus of the first type usually starts in people younger than the age of forty, most often in children and adolescents, rarely in adults. In the body die cells (beta cells) that are responsible for insulin production. Subsequently, the insulin or ceases to be generated at all or are synthesized in insufficient quantities. The beginning of emergence of diabetes of the first type can be the following factors: virus attack, autoimmune process and other. Different diabetes of the first type from type II diabetes are dependent on insulin, that is, the need to constantly inject yourself with insulin injection.

Diabetes type II diabetes begins at the age of forty years. Often sick people who have excess weight, but frequently does not mean always. In some cases obesity is not the cause of diabetes. According to research already twenty percent of excess weight can trigger the occurrence of this disease in potential diabetics. This type of diabetes occurs four times more often the first, approximately eighty percent of cases.

non-insulin-dependent diabetes is milder than the insulin-dependent diabetes. In the beginning of the disease the beta cells produce insulin even in excess, but then the activity of the cells drops sharply due to the large number of fat cells, which has a decreased sensitivity to insulin.

How diabetes begins? It is characterized also by external signs, which should be kept in mind and be on the lookout. These signs include:

- frequent urination;

- the urine is pale and sticky because of high sugar content in it;

strong constant thirst;

weight - loss with no other reason.