How do you know if diabetes?

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diagnosis of diabeteswarning symptoms and methods of accurate diagnosis of the disease

part of the pathologies of the human body flowing is hidden, appearing only in moments when the body is experiencing severe stress or very tired. Such a manifestation, especially at the stage of development, characterized by diabetes mellitus, signal symptoms which is often not recognized by people. In total, the disease is ignored, continuing to progress.

a Characteristic pathognomonic symptom is a strong thirst. Since the concentration of blood glucose is high, it increases the osmotic pressure of the plasma, for diluting and bringing in original condition of which requires more fluid. How do you know if diabetes? If a person consumes 5 liters of water, and its excretion from the body is very slow, the amount of the daily urine can be even reduced. This increases the amount of fluid you drink after consuming carbohydrates.

Second signal developing a symptom of diabetes is muscle tremor and weakness. Receptor complexes to insulin are working with violation, and thus prevent its entry into cells. In the end of glucose in the blood a lot, but disposed of it is not able, and the energy deficit is growing.

In cases of advanced stage disease frequent symptom is a coma: loss of consciousness and reflexes. For pathology are characterized by two types of com: ketoatsidoticheskaya and hypoglycemic. The first type develops over several days, and slowly lost consciousness, before which a person inhibited. In this case, when a coma patient there odor of acetone, where you can find out if diabetes.

In the case of hypoglycemic coma consciousness is lost very quickly, and this can happen if the patient does not eat before you take the insulin. If the identity of the patient is not familiar, it is possible to recognize this condition by the contents of his pockets: they almost always have candy or chocolate. Hypoglycemic coma is characterized for insulin-dependent diabetes, whereas ketoatsidoticheskaya for non-insulin-dependent.

Diagnosis, including primary, based on a series of tests and has its own algorithm. How do you know if diabetes?

the clinic important diagnostic value has a blood test for glucose. Its normal ranges in the limit of 3,3 - 6,2 Mollier. With increasing diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and is review sugar load, which is based on the schedule of increase of level of glucose in the blood after consumption of standard sugar solution. Also the diabetes of the second type may be set after determining blood ketone bodies.