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risk of diabetesWith weak or no health condition monitoring for patients with diabetes mellitus of both types appear and quickly develop a variety of complications caused by the deviation from normal blood sugar.

the Danger at the very beginning of the disease. High blood pressure, frequent urination, thirst, weight loss and excessive fatigue is the most "light" effect of changes in the organism. Complications in the early stages of diabetes mellitus - hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic coma.

Hypoglycemic coma occurs due to the lack of glucose in the blood for any reason. Reasons may be lack of dose or no dose of insulin, poor diet, stress, and infection of the body. As a result, there ketoacidosis, which leads to a dangerous malfunction of the brain.

Hyperglycemic coma becomes a consequence of excess glucose in the blood. Possible cause of this type of coma in diabetes mellitus the introduction of insulin and skipping meals. Hyperglycemic coma hypoglycemic worse. Not receive timely medical care can lead to death.


the danger of diabetes mellitus?

After a few years of the disease can start to develop serious complications if not strictly follow the dietary and medication, not to maintain the level of glucose in the blood at around 5-6 mmol/L.

the Essence of late complications in the presence of diabetes is that you begin to affect the organs that contain blood vessels. In the first place, he is terrible what complications affect eyes, liver, kidney, the heart muscle and limbs.

vision in diabetes mellitusthe fact that the glucose, expressed in constant excess of the normal level of glucose in the blood, leads to destruction of the walls of the blood vessels. Because feet very intensively supplied with blood and loaded all the time, the most common complications in diabetes mellitus are associated with the legs. In the lower extremities can progress ulcers, there is a risk of gangrene. The vessels of the hands can also be prone to pathological changes. And it threatens not only the vessels but also the joints of the hands.

the Defeat of the system of blood circulation in the eye in diabetes mellitus threaten to lead to the development of blindness. Frequent reason of death of patients become renal failure, heart attacks, strokes. Complications that do not lead directly to death, however, is very dangerous and reduce the life expectancy.