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Holy thistle in diabetes mellitusIf we’ll take a closer look at treatment of diabetes mellitus with medications, it is possible to note one particularity: its treatment should be complex and it is targeted onto the blood glucose level and normalization of metabolism, pancreatic gland, liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system functioning improvement. But the question is if there is a vital necessity to consume a lot of medical preparations, taking in account the fact that nature has provisioned us with all ingredients required, which are in the plants around us. Of course, traditional medicine cannot replace medications that are used for treatment of diabetes mellitus, but it can augment the effect of medications by decreasing of their dosage.

If to analyze the disease process, it can be seen that its development relies on pancreatic gland, which works as an automatic regulator of blood sugar level by means of insulin secretion in response to food consumption. In case of dysfunction of pancreatic gland, disorder happens and name of this disease is diabetes mellitus.

The sulphur and nickel inclusions, which may be found in horse-radish abundantly, improve the pancreatic gland functioning. Horse-radish is rich in vitamin C, vitamins of group B, carotin, various mineral salts (К, Na, Ca, S, P, Cl, Mg, Cu, Fe), organic compounds and natural antibiotics. That is why healing qualities of horse-radish are diverse and they can include protection from various infections, improvement of metabolism, appetizer, bowel functioning facilitator due to choleretic and diuretic actions and effect of healing of liver.

Horse-radish in diabetes mellitusTaking in account the various healing qualities of horse-radish in treatment of diabetes mellitus, it is used for cooking of many various dishes.

The same popularity belongs to holy thistle in process of treatment of diabetes mellitus, which is from thistle class and due to its outer look people call it Saint-Mary-thistle. Holy thistle is rich in flavonoids - BAV stimulating ferment processes, which help to improve metabolism. Presence of resins, bitterness, essential oils, biogenic amines (tyramine, histamine), minerals (Ca, Fe, Mg, K, Zn, J, Mn), vitamins А, D, E, K, F, В group and antioxidants in holy thistle makes this plant a unique product in treatment of diabetes mellitus and liver. In addition, holy thistle is used to cure ulcers, which is a kind of complication due to diabetes mellitus presence in many cases.