Homeopathy in diabetes mellitus

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Such disease like diabetes mellitus shows a relative or absolute insufficiency of insulin in patient’s organism. If you’ll add to it such complications as dysfunctions of carbohydrates metabolism as well as disorders of other metabolisms and you will get one of the severest disease.

Clinically, manifestations of diabetes mellitus are itching, dryness of mucous membranes and skin, weight loss, polyuria, polyphagia, dipsesis, glycosuria, hyperglycemia and so on.

The main task of homeopathy is the treatment and prevention of pathological manifestations as well as normalization of disease course during patient’s lifetime.

In order to get the utmost of therapy, it is necessary to know causes of appearance of diabetes mellitus. Stress factors and physical injuries may be triggers of appearance of the disease. Psychological state of mind of the patient, nutrition, way of life as well as the occupation and family relations are studied too when homeopathic treatment is introduced.

Here are just some homeopathic remedies used in treatment of diabetes mellitus:

argenteum metallicum in treatment of diabetes mellitus Aceticum Acidum has in its pathophysiologic mechanisms the key symptoms of diabetes such as weight loss, dipsesis and polyuria. It is used in homeopathic treatment for aged people and kids in case of insulin dependency.

Aconite is used at extreme hunger and thirst. This remedy is used for diabetes mellitus with unstable disease course and progress, which produces fear and uneasiness.

Etuza is perfect for aged people and kids. It is used in case when patient feels sleepy, fatigue and general weakness.

Alumina is used for slow recovery of wounds, unbearable itching as well as dryness of mucous membranes and skin. It is also effective for paraesthesiae, weakness, tremor and treatment of ataxia.

Argenteum metallicum is effective for symptoms like explicit polyuria, polyphagia and dipsesis. It is also used in diabetic nephropathy and in case of treatment of insulin-dependent form of neuropathy.

Argenteum nitricum is used in insulin-dependent form of diabetes mellitus as a homeopathic remedy. The symptoms in this case may be sweet cravings and progressing dystrophy. It is also used for treatment of tremor and loss of coordination.

Bryony is used in treatment when symptoms are presented: meagerness, gluttony, pathological hunger, abundant urinary flow and constant thirst.

Calcium phosphoricum is used successfully and for a long time to treat diabetes mellitus. It helps in increased diuresis, strong thirst, gluttony and treatment of atrophy.

However, before using of these and many other homeopathic remedies, patient should consult with attending doctor and medical specialists.