High glycemic index - what products (carbohydrates) have high glycemic index (GI)?

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High glycemic index bread The main factor affecting the value of GI of food is the amount of diet food fiber contained in the product. If it is much diet fiber in the product then as result is lower the glycemic index of certain product. Also, the factors affecting the change in GI of the food are a method of heat preparation of the product, the degree of commination, the ripeness of fruit and vegetables. For example, level of GI of green banana will be lower than that of a ripe one, but it's worth noting that this principle is not good for apples. Also GI of cup of peach juice will be higher than GI of fruits and vegetables raw GI is lower than in case when these products are boiled. In case of cereals and other substances, the longer the heat treatment of the product takes place, the more rises their glycemic index.

High glycemic index - which foods (carbohydrates) have it?

The first is, of course is sugar, and all the products in which have in their composition this substance in large quantities. Sugar does not only lead to a rapid increase of level of glucose contained in blood, but also feeling of satiety caused by such products lasts very short time.

In comparison with boiled potatoes in their skins, mashed potatoes also have high glycemic index. This fact is associated with varying degrees of "denaturing" of diet starch during cooking. This factor increasing the GI during the cooking process and also is true in case of rest starchy foods, excess boiling of which only increases their GI.

Corn, that in normal condition has a high glycemic index, in industrial processing only further increases its GI. So do not start the day with plates of cornflakes with milk because this will not only allow possibility to lose excessive weight, but it will contribute to development and appearance of obesity.

High level of Glycemic Index in cornflakesBecause of the properties of instant absorption the blood alcohol content increases level of blood glucose and inhibits the natural process of weight loss. And all this happen in addition to its other detrimental and bad impacts on the human body.

Bread and pasta made of high-grade flour of fine grinding, also have a high glycemic index, so in this case rye, buckwheat and oat bread it is more appropriate for consumption.

We should notice and say some words about durum pasta. Through the use of vacuum in the process of its forming it has lower GI.

Patients that suffer from presence of diabetes mellitus should also avoid consumption of refined flour and rice, and sweet fruits that have high glycemic index.