Скрытый сахарный диабет, скрытая форма

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Information about latent type of diabetes mellitus

Latent form of diabetes mellitus The special latent form of diabetes is a state of human body, when the speed of glucose absorbing goes down, after eating some food that contains these components. This may be called some kind of “border” situation, when pancreatic gland is secreting enough insulin, but some disorders may be already noticed. Actually, this condition cannot be called diabetes mellitus, but it leads to the appearance of this disease, unless to diagnose it in time and do not treat at all. In half of cases latent diabetes mellitus is the initiator of diabetes of 2nd type.

First of all, this must be a concern of those, who are in the risk group for various reasons, among which there is not only the inheritance presented. People suffering from the excessive weight, hypertension (having deficiency of potassium, which is washed away with medications decreasing that decrease blood tension), women having a syndrome of polycystic ovary - all of these should be examined by doctor in the first turn.

Latent form of diabetes mellitus

Latent form of diabetes mellitus is called so because it does not have any obvious signs - those can be presented by ordinary fatigue and apathy. But in course of the disease patient should not think that the organism functioning will go normal on its own. The 'correct' treatment and prophylaxis may help to avoid serious outcomes and complications. As a rule, diabetes mellitus is the result (along with genetic predisposition) of the modern way of life and eating culture; therefore, the diet rules for the latent form of the disease should be the same as for ordinary diabetes, but a bit milder, maybe.

First of all, in case this is a case people who have overweight should decrease their body weight to normal level (body weight index under 25). Physical activities are obligatory, but there is no need to exhaust your body: it will be sufficient to have 30 minute walking and 20 minute jogging, cycling or skiing. Physical exercises have another important function that lies in control of glucose level, because these activities are fed with it. The second part is the diet, which recommends consumption of optimal and balanced quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which is needed by the organism. However, the consumption of fats should be decreased and limited as well (just like for any other diabetics) and quantity of sweets should be minimized in patient’s diet. As a result the optimal diet will contain diet fiber (vegetables, beans). That is helping in process of glucose absorption by the organism.

Thus, in this case following to some simple recommendations will help to not transform latent diabetes into diabetes mellitus of 2nd type.