Herring in diabetes mellitus

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what a healthy person tasty, diabetic - not allowed. In the case of diabetes should not just a healthy lifestyle, to eat according to their health status. This is the easiest and most important method diabetes treatment.

One of the most popular and most favorite products remains herring. Well, what holiday is complete without a "herring under a fur coat". And the simple boiled potatoes with herbs and fillet of herring with pickled onions - can there be something easier and tastier? But there is one question: is it possible to have a herring to people with diabetes?


Properties of herring

Herring in diabetes mellitusDiabetics should eat this product very carefully. Herring is a very oily and this has a negative impact on the health of diabetics. They should not gain weight, so are limited to this food, in which there is a lot of fat. To be always in shape, can be put on 5 meals a day, the calories must be optimal, no overeating.

herring Also is characterized by a high level of salt. For a diabetic salt - number one enemy. From it increases the level of thirst, the body loses necessary moisture. It brings a lot of inconvenience, it is necessary to drink even more water than usual.

But this does not mean that herring should do to prevent. You can enable it in menu, but very rarely and only after special processing of herring fillets need to soak that excess salt. You should also choose a fish that it was not too greasy. Today you can find recipes for marinating marine fish, which can replace any herring. This saltwater fish is much more useful.


Recipes for fish

so we've provided a simple recipe for herring with potatoes, suitable for the diet of the diabetic.

Herring in diabetesFillet of a herring should be cleaned from bones and soak for 12 hours in drinking water. Potatoes well to wash, boil in salted water until tender. Once the potato has cooled, remove the peel and cut into slices. the Herring dry, cut into small pieces. Each piece put a slice of potato, a dish drizzle with a dressing of vinegar and water (1:1). The top should be sprinkled with chopped greens and thin rings of fresh onion Luke.

to Use this product once a week. Of course, it is better to replace herring other fish, less fat. Thus it can be used in boiled or baked form no more than two servings at a time. If you take the fish as a whole, for diabetes it is a good source of phosphorus.